A little about me...

Hello, my name is Sarah,

My current position is Co-Founder of The Minion's Tavern and just finished studying at Dania Games, as Multimedia Designer with Specialty in Games. All of this is happening in the small town Grenaa in Denmark. I'm 25 years old, live in Grenaa (DK) with my boyfriend Christian along with our two cats; Pelle and Lily.

Before Dania, I finished my education at 3D College summer 2014, which means I also have the title as Web-integrator, unless I get an internship somewhere, then I can "finish" it as a Multi Animator.
Before 3D College and even before moving to Grenaa, I lived in the Southeren Denmark and finished 1-year of Art School in Sonderborg (BGK) at Sonderborg Art School. And in 2011 I had my Graduation at the Alssund Gymnasium Sonderborg where I finished my STX.

At TMT I'm seen as the lead artist when it comes to 2D which is my strongest field. The Minion's Tavern is a newly developed company and we've begun a few projects already and we have a long list of ideas we wish to bring to life. Everything between Apps, Games, Assets etc...

So if you have an interest for Games, Apps or Assets, then you can read more about us here!

Besides working on art for the Company, I also spend free time on making stuff I enjoy, such as t-shirt prints and making paintings using Posca Markers, gardening, baking and cooking and much much more. Aside from caring for my two cats and the guy I live with. ;)

I really wish to stay in the entertainment field as far as jobs go. I'm having a great time doing what I do best but I'm also excited to try out new things. I'm not shy when it comes to being open-minded and I do have a lot more interests than just drawings and games. I've always had a thing for voiceactors and think it would be an epic combo to work with during game developement and other things.

If you want any further details, then please have a look at my CV or contact me by mail or even LinkedIn.

CV / Resume

Web CV (Danish) (Last update: 17/07 2017)

CV2017.pdf (Danish) (Last update: 17/07 2017)

Resume2017.pdf (English) (Last update: 17/07 2017)


PortaPlay.pdf (English) - Reference: Jakob Hansson (Email) or Phone

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