Fully graduated Multimedia Designer with Specialty in Games!

Yes, It's true! After two long years I'm finally a Multimedia Designer with Specialty in Games and it is awesome! Time to explorer the world of jobs in games and try new things!
23/06 2016

Three months of internship and then Fastaval!

So, for my internship I chose to stay at my own company and work on our boardgame project A Dishonest Adventure that we could "show off" at this year's Fastaval Board Game Competition. So for three months prior to Fastaval which was at the end of March, we worked on ADA.
I did most of the graphics, which included illustrations for the monsters cards (42 out of 48), Logo, poster for Fastaval, 4 character sketches of all 6 Classes, Board Game Icons, 8 Icons for the dices, tiles and card backgrounds, 12 tokens and icons, 16 polishes of 3D renderings for Trap or Item Cards made by either Jonas or Trajan, 5 handdrawn Trap Illustrations and a single handdrawn Item Illustration.
So -I- and the team have surely been busy and it's been great!
Having to work full time and passionated about your own baby sure pays off and I wish more of that will come. We didn't win anything at the competition but we got a lot of good and valuable feedback that we'll take into account for our next prototype. As you can see on the picture, that's our current (and very expensive) printed copy of ADA.
31/03 2016

Internship Hunt

Hey hey, a little update from me! My vacation ended recently and first thing we had to do when we started school was to write resumes and send out applications for internships. We'll be starting our internship 4th of January to 25th of March 2016. I'm trying my best to find something fun and new outside of Denmark but it's not easy. It has to be a relevant posistion to our education as Multimedia Designers with Specialty in Games. I wanted to work with either 2d art for games, web or little of everything. I don't mind some variations, after all, it's 10-12 weeks. But even so, I would live with making a couple of websites during 3 months as long as it has challenging aspects to it. I'm here to learn anyways and it's not the assignments that are in focus but the company that I have to work for. After our internships we have to write a huge assignment to finish off our education. It's a really good way to end your school period and have a bit of practice before entering the real work environment. So if you are interested in having me, please send me an email. I have already put up me Resume over at the "About Me" Section.
29/09 2015

Dania Expo and TMT Business

Today was a big day for Dania as we held the yearly Open House also called Expo, where people get to see and hear about the school. It was all good. The TMT Boss had plenty of fun meeting MANY people he haven't heard from in a while and got to catch up.
Aside from that, in the name of the company, we got an offer (we can't refuse)! So we'll have a chance to work for/with some other people and make a small profit. We were very excited and are staying tuned for more info on the matter. :)

Anyways, now that I've attended Expo that means I have 3 months or so to do whatever I want, including work, gaming and drawing! :D
26/06 2015

Examination and first year of Multimedia Design

Finally had to defend the work I've used a whole month to come up with as the second last person in the whole class... Personally I think I did excellent on my code for the website but I suppose teacher and the examiner weren't very impressed with our work as a group, which is fairly understandable since I HAD to work together with two persons I have no relations to what so ever. And not only do they live all the way in Randers but refused to meet up more than once per week and they couldn't even figure out how to use Skype. Great team...

Hopefully next time it will be solo work or I get to work with someone I know what to do with. Perhaps I'll even take control and see how it goes. But I got 4 for my work, which is a mere D. I thought I would have gotten at least 7 but eh, what are you gonna do? Being examined by people who know nothing about coding a website and have done mostly website, I guess that's what the result is. But 4 is fine, it's passed with a little extra credit and my parents were happy for me so that's good but I'm a little disappointed in myself. At least I can enjoy a nice long vacation and get some real work done, instead of made up stuff, after I've attended next week's Expo at Dania. See you then! :)
19/06 2015

Fan-gasming Concert

Many many months ahead, even before we thought about moving, I had bought five tickets to a Concert in Aarhus. It was a One Piece Concert, and I'm a huge sucker for that Anime and I know one of my friends, who's birthday was a few days ago, is also a huge fan so of course I invited him along as a gift!
So along with the birthdayboy and myself was Christian, Jonas and Trajan. Trajan had also brought along his brother who had bought a seat right next to ours.

This Concert, is like no other, and it was an extreme fun experience, almost like SVS-con except you knew everybody came for that one particular reason. And I love being surrounded by fellow nerds and some even came dressed up as characters from the show.
28/05 2015

The Big Bake-Off!

It was a rainy day in Grenaa and we had prepared a tent for the Big Bake-Off that I participated in. I was expecting a huge show-up in Contestants but only 8 people was admitted and only 6 of those showed up with a cake. I was one of those people and even though I didn't win anything, I still had plenty of praise from the people tasting the cake, including the Town's own Mayor. So yay for that! <3

Two of my former classmates and buddies showed up to back me up that day, so after the competition we went out for dinner and later went home to the Base and had a grand time. All in all, it was a great day despite classic grey Danish rainy weather. :)

I made a Risalamande Cheesecake btw, you can find the recipe here: CAKE!
16/05 2015


Yesterday, as you can see in the picture, I had my hair dyed pink! It is the work of my friend Alex who is going with me to the last SVS-con today. It's going to be my first convention and I'm very excited. But I'm ready! I have freshly dyed hair, sunglasses, over-night equipment and my Perry the Platypus Tshirt and Bag.
08/05 2015

Some birthday...

So today is my birthday, but I've been sick with a sore throat and fever the last few days and it haven't gotten better yet. It's so sore I can't even swallow my spit or talk for long periods of time so I doubt I'll have any cake anytime soon. Anyways, I have two lovely guys and pets to feel sorry for me and take care of me till I get better. <3
09/04 2015

Big LAN Party tomorrow!

Tomorrow is one of our big LAN Party, we do them 1-3 times a year or so. We Invited a bunch of our nerdy friends to stay over for a 48-hour weekend LAN with drinks and snacks/dinner included. It's always a blast and I'm sure it will be tomorrow too! I know gonna be busy baking buns and cake and prepping for other snacks all day.
20/03 2015

Anniversary and Trip to Sweden

Past Friday was me and Christians 2-year Anniversary and my gift to him/us was a paid hotelroom for two days in Gothenborg in Sweden. So we've spend the last two days having some fun and seightseeing. We've been having great dinners at the hotel and the HardRock Café, so I got another HardRock Café T-Shirt for my collection! <3
15/03 2015

Moving time!

So today was the big moving day and like any other moving day we weren't ready! XP Once again there were things that weren't properly packed that we have to get at some other point but other than that we're very excited to move into this much more grand apartment, with lots of space and awesome view of the ocean. Welcome to the new Base!
05/03 2015


Hey guys, this is the first newspost on my new website! Keep an eye on this for updates and news! KTHXBYE!
16/02 2015
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